Scripture Open for tonight is Psalm 30

9:04 – OPEN – They’re trying to scrub Trump’s presidency from history – and we can’t let them do that. 

9:20 – Interview:  Dave Bossie, Trump Impeachment Team Surrogate Fox News BIO to discuss the latest with the impeachment trial

9:40 – Psaki doubles down on White House goal of more than 50% in-person school 1 day a week

10:04 – Interview: Tim Young, Curator of “Let’s Drink”; Conservative Commentator and Self-Proclaimed Nerd.  Read more about Tim HERE.   Tim shares about the collectibles aftermarket, Pokemon and Gina Carano of the Mandalorian getting fired. 

10:20 – ‪NBA says all teams will play the national anthem, Dallas Mavs say anthem will play at Wednesday game

10:40 – CDC updates coronavirus face mask guidance, endorses ‘double masking’  – in other words 2021 will be CRAZIER than 2020. And no. We will not double mask. 

11:04 – Interview:  Gordon Chang, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China” Read Gordon’s BIO!  Gordon will cover: the WHO investigation in China, President Biden’s plan for China, China’s Mars mission, the Biden Administration reviewing the TikTok deal to Walmart/Oracle and China amping up activity in the South China Sea.

11:20 – The majority of voters think males who identify as females shouldn’t be allowed on women’s sports teams 

11:40 – House Republicans Release Plan to Retake Majority: 47 Target Districts with Vulnerable Democrats