The School Funding Inequity Farce

Leading presidential candidates and major media outlets are claiming that school districts with high concentrations of minorities and poor children generally receive less funding per student than other districts.

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Interview with Benji Irby

Today on 'Stacy on the Right,' host Stacy Washington and special guest Benji Irby discuss Blacks for Trump, Kamala Harris dropping out of the 2020 race, and the Democratic Party

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Interview with Burgess Owens

Ep | 594 'Stacy on the Right' hosts the former NFL player on why he's running for Congress — plus, they discuss black Americans, school choice, Blacks for Trump, and the importance of voting Support Burgess Owens

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About Chick-fil-A

Ep 587 | Did the company make a mistake by stopping its donations to FCA and the Salvation Army? 'Stacy on the Right' thinks so, but she's not willing to stop eating there over this. Let’s see what they do next …