Eternally Cancel proof:

My first book entitled, “Eternally Cancel Proof – A Guide for Courageous Christians Navigating the Political Battlefront” is now available for sale on and where ever books are sold.

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Eternally Cancel Proof

It has been unpopular to mix religion and politics in cultural commentary. The arguments against doing this amount to a wall of separation that precludes utilizing faith to determine the morality of political actions.

Over the years I have come to the realization that this is the very root of what ails America: without a benchmark by which to judge the correctness of an action or direction, we will fall back to our default which is using how we feel about a certain issue to determine what is right.  There are as many feelings as there are people and most of them are wrong. The fallibility of humanity is well known, so what would make us believe that we can make decisions that impact millions of people based upon how we feel at any given moment?

Yet we have done this very thing. This horrible thing, governing through feelings has been our modus operandi for a few decades now. Once set firmly upon the road of feelings- based governance, we find ourselves beset by nonsensical policies that contradict each other and infuriate us all.

So, what should we use? As Christians we must use the Word of God as our guide. When Christians mistakenly believe the naysayers, who demand we set aside our adherence to scripture and instead use our feelings, or theirs, they disarm us of the most potent weapon in our arsenal: the truth. God’s Word is truth and was given to us for increasing wisdom, discernment and insight. Without it, we become fools.

I want Christians to have the truth, know it, and utilize it in making decisions in every aspect of their lives – to include politics. Politics is a tool. When a tool doesn’t work as expected, we do not worship the tool or devote ourselves to it exclusively, we seek to repair the tool by consulting the owners manual. We are the owners of our political parties and the resultant governments the electees occupy. It is then up to us to repair and restore our politics. 

How can we do this without consulting our owners manual which is the Bible? I wrote this book so other Christians can come to the certainty that now permeates my being: I know what I believe is right and will be approved by my Father in Heaven because it comes directly from His Word.

This makes me eternally cancel proof: unshaken and immovable by the constant stream of bad news emanating from Washington under the unsteady hand of the Biden Administration. I know what actions must be taken, but I also know the success is not mine and is not dependent upon me, only God can supply that.

The answers are all laid out in the Bible, and I want every Christian who seeks those answers to know where they can be found. This is key to unlocking the unflappable happiness that cements a Christian life. It’s attractive, perplexing and such an adventure to live out.

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