A lot of people are sharing a video called Husbands of Target to make a point about women spending huge amounts of time in Target shopping. Full disclosure I haven’t set foot in a Target store in over 5 years. More on that later. Check out the video, you may enjoy it,

It is funny that these Dads are tailgaiting in a retail store parking lot. But as the video progresses a few questions begin to ruin the fun. Why do these men go with their wives to a store they have no interest in? If they have on more than one occasion waited in their car for over an hour, why not stay home?

Why does Shopper Wife get to crash the party by demanding they go home before Car Husband is done having fun? Why are the husbands watching the kids in a mini-van instead of staying home? Are children not permitted in Target? Why does the wife in the video sound like she is addressing her child when she says it’s time to leave? Hollywood has gotten Americans so used to viewing men as oversized children who must be managed by their wives we don’t even bat an eye anymore. Emasculating men is simply common place, no big deal, just move on.

Men do have a tendency to make any boring activity fun by turning it into a game or activity. Men would actually make a tailgate anywhere, and that is the enjoyable part of this video. But there is a sad moment when he says “We have supper if it gets late enough.” These guys are probably responsible for cooking the meals, cleaning and taking care of the kids. What do their wives even do?

Back when I used to shop at Target religiously, I went during the day while the Hubbs was at work. If we needed to pop in over the weekend, it wasn’t to make an extended perusal of every item on every aisle, which was a super fun thing to do for me but not so much for him. We would go on a Saturday sometimes to buy toys or sporting stuff and spend and hour in the store. No one stayed in the car, and we respected each other’s time.

Sometimes I miss shopping at Target. But the number of sexual assaults reported in their stores coupled with their policy of gender neutral bathrooms and dressing rooms doesn’t work for me.

Debbie Downing this video isn’t fun but the point must be made; a man should feel comfortable staying home with his kids enjoying some down time while his wife is out partaking of retail therapy. It’s okay guys!!!

For more on this subject I recommend Suzanne Venker, author of ‘Women Who Win at Love’ and many other great books. Her unique perspective on how women can maintain their strength while loving their significant other’s well is a must read. Her latest article on the full blown war on masculinity explains a lot about the direction American culture has taken.