Better yet, who does any of this stuff? The fact that Bernie Sanders has gotten this far in politics in our capitalist paradise is only explained by the utterly debauched Democratic field. There is no there there!!! Americans who wish to vet an option on the left that isn’t completely crazy are left in the cold.

And Americans have made it clear that socialism isn’t the droid they’re looking for. The Washington Examiner reports:

A majority of Americans surveyed in a new poll said they would not vote for a socialist candidate for president, with the most opposition coming from Republican voters.

Asked whether they would vote for their party nominee who was a “generally well-qualified person for president who happened to be socialist,” just 45 percent said yes and 53 percent said no, according to the Gallup poll released Tuesday.

The acceptance for a socialist nominee is 2 percentage points lower in the recent poll than when Gallup asked the same question in June 2015.

It is shocking that the majority against socialism is so very slim. When you consider the candidate himself, not just his foamy promises of cancelled debt and free healthcare for everyone, but his viewpoints expressed over many years in the public eye, it’s downright shocking.

He doesn’t just praise dictators, laud communist regimes for eradicating poverty, he is lying to the public regularly when he says that a public option called Medicare for All is a fiscally neutral possibility. It’s not. Per the Heritage Foundation:

Proposals to impose a government-run health care system on the entire American public would leave most households financially worse off. Heritage analysis of the pending “Medicare for All” legislation reveals that a typical household would lose $5,671 in disposable income (after taxes and private health expenses), a number that rises to $10,554 if the household already has employer-sponsored insurance.

Heritage Foundation has a chart that demonstrates the folly of Medicare for All:

Does it matter that Americans writ large don’t want it? 177 million Americans have private employer based health insurance. Those people have negotiated those benefits and do not want to give them up because Sanders has an obsession with all things socialist.

His promise to eradicate student loan debt and punish the wealthy (which should include himself, but socialists never punish themselves) would turn our great country into a big fat unhappy Venezuela. Boomers should sit their adult children down with charts and graphs blown up to presentation size and explain that voting for Sanders is a vote to destroy their inheritance.

Only the most direct and graphic truth about this will do. Most of the Millenials were indoctrinated every day from Kindergarten to their Senior year. About 30 percent of them went on to liberal controlled higher education establishments and had those ideas hard boiled into their craniums. Their parents worked long and hard to pay for the indoctrination.

It’s now time to treat those privileged kiddos to a dose of raw truth.