People keep asking me why I care what homosexuals do. “It doesn’t affect you!!!” : says the pansified pushover.

The question is ignorant of the realities if the homosexual lobby.

They will NEVER stop. They want to “FEEL” acceptance from 100% of the population of the entire planet. They’ll never get that so they are already persecuting anyone that dares to disagree.

THAT’S why I care.

I don’t care who you have sex with. I care about you forcing me to condone it. Forcing me to photograph it. Forcing me to bake a cake to celebrate it.
Forcing me to teach it to my kids. Forcing me to have my church marry you. You forcing me into a jail for refusing to bless it.

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THAT’S why I care. The homosexual lobby and their supporters are three levels above the Nazi’s. They will have acceptance or you’ll be physically attacked, pay heavy fines, and go to jail or lose your business.

Perhaps I should be grateful they aren’t threatening to kill us just yet? Oh. Wait.