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Opening Verse: Psalm 48:1-11


 Rep. Byron Donalds, Congressman from Florida’s 19th joins us to discuss: 

  • District Covid spending bill
  • The Gun Control Bill 
  • Border Security
  • President Biden not having a proper press conference in 50 days.

Bethany Mandel is the Editor of Ricochet, a stay-at-home mom, homeschooler and freelance writer. Bethany will discuss her in-depth feature for Deseret News on big, messy families.

Senator Marsha Blackburn joins the program for a quick update on the National Basketball Leagues’ relationship with the Communist Party of China. Sen. Blackburn questions the NBA’s relationship with China, specifically critical of the organization’s new deal with state-controlled China Central Television. 

Sean Kennedy is a Fellow at the Maryland Public Policy Institute, a research think tank where he specializes in crime, justice and urban renewal policies. Tonight Sean will discuss his Op-Ed: The Urban Poor Are Paying A Steep ‘Murder Tax’ Since 2020 

  • The spike in violent crime since the anti-police protests last year has imposed hundreds of billions of dollars in costs