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Establishment Worries Surge After GOP Senators Announce Retirement

Email your Senator [1]s to oppose HR 1 today!!

Opening Verse: Psalm 48:1-11


 Rep. Byron Donalds [2], Congressman from Florida’s 19th joins us to discuss: 

Bethany Mandel [3] is the Editor of Ricochet, a stay-at-home mom, homeschooler and freelance writer. Bethany will discuss her in-depth feature [4] for Deseret News on big, messy families.

Senator Marsha Blackburn [5] joins the program for a quick update on the National Basketball Leagues’ relationship with the Communist Party of China. Sen. Blackburn questions the NBA’s relationship with China, [6] specifically critical of the organization’s new deal with state-controlled China Central Television. 

Sean Kennedy [7] is a Fellow at the Maryland Public Policy Institute, a research think tank where he specializes in crime, justice and urban renewal policies. Tonight Sean will discuss his Op-Ed: The Urban Poor Are Paying A Steep ‘Murder Tax’ Since 2020 [8]