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Hillary Clinton Gun Grabber: here she is again, calmly discussing disarming law abiding Americans.  Clinton is using foreign countries that do not have innate rights enshrined in a constitution and representative republic for of governance as her point of reference.

Australia’s gun buyback program netted between 650,000 and a million guns, which represents an indeterminate percentage, as the government of Australia has no idea how many guns are present in their country!  Australians were forced to sell their legally owned firearms to their government and they still didn’t get them all.  They raised the money to buy the guns through a special tax on the people of Australia.  Isn’t that ironic?  Australians taxed themselves to raise money to fund their government’s mandatory gun buy back program. Liberal idiocy knows no bounds.

There are over 350 million firearms in the United States, a number that has never been verified through registration, meaning the number is probably much higher.  At what point does Secretary Clinton outline what her confiscation programs actually look like? Door to door raids perhaps?  And will she and other government officials like herself give up their armed security details as well?

We are not Australia or Great Britain.  Someone should remind the former first lady that our 2nd Amendment rights Shall Not Be Infringed. Molon Labe!