The Religious Freedom Restoration Act that Governor Pence of Indiana just signed into law really opened a flood gate of intolerant ignorance from the usual suspects on the left and a few surprising ones on the right.  People actually think this bill makes it legal to beat kids, refuse to serve homosexuals, and blacks, and other such nonsense.  Look.  The bill does none of those things!  The Daily Signal has a must read piece out on this:

By passing its Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Indiana joins the 19 other states that have implemented such laws. Eleven additional states have religious liberty protections that state courts have interpreted to provide a similar level of protection. These commonsense laws place the onus on the government to justify its actions in burdening the free exercise of religion.

Nineteen other states have bills similar to the one just passed in Indiana.  None of those states are being boycotted.   President Obama signed legislation similar to Indiana’s RFRA bill as a senator.  Simply put, this bill is just not a big deal.

We must educate ourselves on just what liberty is and isn’t before we sound as incoherent as the democrats.    While perusing some of the more incendiary rhetoric on the bill and it’s consequences, I found a wonderful video by Walter E. Williams explaining exactly what we all need to buff up on, the relationship between healthy discrimination and liberty.  I especially enjoyed his description of depriving all other women of his hand in marriage, that part is a mental dessert topping for sure.