Control what people say, and you begin to control what they think.  Start small, by banning little things like brown bagging your lunch.

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Via Fox News:

Are the terms “brown bag” and “citizen” offensive to you?  Well, Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights sent out a memo stating that those terms are no longer to be used by government workers.   The city’s OCR explained that the term “brown bag” has been used to judge skin tone and the people of Seattle are not “citizens”, they are residents.

Certainly, if the term brown bag was being used to describe the skin color of other workers in an offensive manner, that should be looked into by that employees supervisor.  But to issue a memo on it?  Sounds like there are too many employees over at that office and the good citizens of Seattle ought to investigate who is getting paid their hard earned tax dollars to write these silly memos!

Next they will want to ban the little brown bags themselves.