Winning!  American’s For Prosperity does it again:

MOUNT MORRIS TOWNSHIP, MI — The Mount Morris Township Beacon & Bridge gas station had traffic backed up nearly a half mile to I-475 today as it rolled back prices to $1.84 per gallon for the first 150 motorists.

The gas station announced early today that it would host a gas rollback event for the Americans for Prosperity-Michigan’s “Obama’s Failing Agenda” bus tour. The group said that the $1.84 per gallon price reflects the cost of gas in 2008, before President Barack Obama took office.

Hundreds of cars lined up to get a piece of the savings, but the group had to turn away as many people as got the discounted gas. Motorists came from as far away as Washtenaw County to get relief from state gas prices that are hovering around $4 per gallon.

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