The time for action is now.  After months of talking and discussing and let’s admit it complaining, the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is has come.  It’s Caucus time!

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Here is the link, for those who care – this is the most important 3 hours of the election year.  We can talk all we want, now is time for action.  This article has the link which will show you the maps and caucus locations.  All caucuses start at 9:00 am.

Constitutional Coalition

Republican – March 17

Democrat – March 29


Caucuses are open to all registered voters who
self-affirm they are either Republican or Democrat
IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  The February 7th state-wide Primary DID NOT select delegates to either the Republican or the Democrat conventions.  This is what you will do at your CAUCUS! 

March 13, 2012

Dear Missouri Friends,

With the exception of the counties noted below, Republicans in Missouri will caucus THIS SATURDAY, March 17th, to select delegates for either Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul. Please visit to learn about your caucus location and more.

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NOTE:  Republicans in Barry County will be meeting TONIGHT, March 13th; Chariton County Republicans will meet on Thursday, March 15th;  Republicans in Wayne County will be meeting on Friday, March 16th; and Republicans in Jackson County and St. Louis City will be meeting on Saturday, March 24th.
On March 29th the Democrats will hold their statewide caucuses. Please visit www.missouridems.orgto learn more about locations and times.

If you want to see YOUR CANDIDATE nominated from Missouri, we encourage you to GO to the caucuses. They last a few hours and they are a great way to exercise your American citizenship at the very grassroots level!

WHAT’S A CAUCUS?  A quick overview of  the caucus system can be found  Once there, clickCaucus 101.

Caucuses are open to all registered voters whoself-affirm that they are either Republican or Democrat. Presently, Missouri citizens are not registered to vote by party so you may attend either of the caucuses.  Some caucuses may require a photo ID.
GO – PARTICIPATE – VOTE!  Make your voice heard and make a difference for Freedom! 


Donna Hearne
Executive Director

Constitutional Coalition
P. O. Box 37054
St. Louis, Missouri 63141


Take heed and proceed accordingly!