Admittedly the quality of Saturday Night Live has gone down considerably.  In fact, I can barely stand to watch it anymore.  But every now and then they get it just right.  This is one of those times.

By addressing lack of impact Obama’s poor job performance has had on his approval rating with Blacks the writers at SNL are at once poking fun at Blacks and trying to understand Black America’s blind support for Obama.  Obama’s poll numbers have dropped since his all time high in 2008 of over 90% approval, but not enough to reflect the almost 17% Black unemployment rate,  40% Black teen unemployment rate, $4 a gallon gas and continued blight in the inner cities.

While I’m at it, please note that Obama’s new budget once again eliminates funding for the Washington DC Opportunity Scholarship that allows inner city Black kids a means of rescue from the failing DC public schools system.  He seems to attack Blacks and Christians at every available turn.  What will it take?

Yet again, pop culture brings new meaning to the phrase “speaking truth to power”.  Black America, are you listening?

Kudos to you SNL.