This is a topic that is completely uncovered by the media at large.  Meet Christina Dunigan, the author of a blog on just that subject:  

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Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them — Eph. 5:11

The post that initially drew me to her blog Real Choice, was “Why not ask the people who REALLY know abortion from experience?” which covers the amazing story of Gianna Gessen and her desire to testify before Congress about her life as an abortion survivor.

Real Choice asserts that there are roughly 44,000 “Fetuses with Attitude” that deserve to be heard on the issue of “choice”.

These Fetuses with Attitude are people that survived an attempt on their life while they were in the womb.  Imagine what they could share with us about the joy of living, and what abortion really is? 

She also does an amazing job of debunking the myths about abortion before Roe v. Wade’s passage.  Namely that most abortions were performed in back alleys by witch doctors.  See the graphic below (note the source):

external image Illegals.png

The entire post is definitely worth reading here.

Abortion and the societal genocide that it has borne into American culture is a defining issue of our time and a symptom of one our greatest problems, an ensuing culture of death.  Thank you Christina!  More to follow on this.