Olivia joins to share her perspective as a young journalist covering politics. We discussed CRT, and the Loudon County Schools controversy over the transgendered boy raping a 15 year old girl in the 'gender inclusive' girls bathroom.

Olivia describes herself as a Conscious Black Conservatarian, YouTuber and is a regular contributor to the Daily Caller, Rogue Review, Tim Cast and the Foundation for Economic Freedom.

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  • THIS is How Amazon Shapes What You See: Policies, Examples and Hypocrisies — Big Tech is censoring like never before.  In my first article in this series, I examined YouTube’s incredibly detailed and restrictive “Covid-19 misinformation policy.” YouTube has since banned “misinformation” for ALL vaccines, not just the Covid vax.  In this article, I will look at some of Amazon’s more ridiculously restrictive ad guidelines and highlight instances where Amazon itself was hypocritical or where it applied its guidelines in questionable ways.  The Ministry of Misinformation is out to quash you (and yes, Amazon knows where you live).

    Amazon’s advertising guidelines for books contain some restrictions that are predictable and normal and other restrictions that, honestly, made me do a double-take.  Ads can possibly contain “military equipment” or weapons on books in certain situations, but:

  • Olivia Rondeau (@rondeau.olivia) • Instagram photos and videos — Olivia Rondeau
    Political Account! Conscious Black Conservatarian. YouTuber. Contributor to @dailycaller @roguereview @timcast @feeonline @sharpe_way
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