Friday June 21st was my last program for American Family Radio. It was a pre-record done on Thursday because I wanted to attend a pro-life luncheon on Friday to hear a former Planned Parenthood clinic worker who is now pro-life.

Thursday I heard a promo for new programming starting on Monday during a commercial break. After the program I learned that Urban Family Talk was merging with AFR and my time slot is going to someone else.

This is pretty shocking. But I have to view it in light of what I know about radio. People are constantly moving in and out.

Most importantly, I’m not going anywhere. I started in radio doing a weekly podcast with a great friend of mine, went to a big local talk station to do a weekly program in 2013, went daily on 7 stations in 2016 and then syndicated daily to 181 stations in 32 states in August of 2018.

This is quite a setback: if I choose to see it that way. Podcasting is the future, and rebuilding is going to be fun and I’m here for it. We have 5 terrestrial affiliates and are looking forward to future growth!!

God is in control, and the show goes on!!! Let’s get at it!

Lots of emails asking where I am!!! Click play to see what is next!!
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Thank You!!