Eternally Cancel Proof Takes the Reader Through the Scriptures on Issues Like Critical Race Theory, Education, Illegal Immigration and Abortion. 
St. Louis, MO – March 21, 2022 – Stacy Washington, satellite talk radio host and podcaster, USAF veteran, former school board vice president and political commentator brings her own enthusiastic take on adopting a Biblical Worldview; to combat America’s march away from the Founders vision into socialism in her first book. There is no separation between politics and the practice of faith because we need our morality rooted in the unshakeable knowledge of Christ to make sense of our world. “Eternally Cancel Proof: A Guide For Courageous Christians Navigating the Political Battlefront” explains, 
  • What a Biblical WorldView is and why every Christian must have it.
  • Why Republican leaders have been so weak, infuriating their voters with promises made but not kept.
  • How the silence of Christians empowers the left.
  • Why the Left Wing wants Americans to vote based upon their feelings instead of facts.
  • Why certain issues are the focus of Democrats and what to do about it.
  • What the Bible says about all of this and more.
Stacy has been told not to talk about how religion impacts politics! This self-imposed wall of separation, that precludes using faith to determine the morality of politics is immoral and wrong. 
This viewpoint hurts Americans: without a benchmark to judge the correctness of an action or direction, we will fall back to using our feelings to determine what is right. There are as many feelings as there are people and most of them are wrong. Why do we believe we can make decisions that impact millions of people based upon how we feel at any given moment? 

Feelings- based governance is the reason we are beset by nonsensical policies that contradict each other and infuriate us all. So, what should we use? As Christians we must use the Word of God as our guide and work to possess a Biblical Worldview. When Christians sit in silence, allowing the loud and ill-informed to set aside our adherence to scripture, they disarm us of the most potent weapon in our arsenal: the truth. God’s Word is truth and was given to us for increasing wisdom, discernment and insight. Without it we become fools, ruled by morons. 

“Eternally Cancel Proof: A Guide For Courageous Christians Navigating the Political Battlefront” is thoughtful, well researched and encouraging. Stacy’s book will be released everywhere on March 22, 2022.
“Stacy Washington has been a sage voice of truth in the media for well over a decade, but today, people need her message more than ever. This book comes at just the right time. Get one for yourself, and five more for friends.” – Sam Sorbo, Author, Filmmaker, and Educator
“Stacy Washington has taken the major issues of our day and applied the Biblical Worldview with razor sharp efficiency. People of faith, politicos, and concerned Americans must read “Eternally Cancel Proof” to find the truth and apply it to politics.” Congressman Burgess Owens, (R-UT)
Stacy Washington is the Co-Chair of Project 21, Ambassador for America First Policy Institute and Communications Director for Family Vision Media. Stacy is married to her husband of 25 years and mother to three college aged children, and just for informational purposes, please know that their Maltese Bentley is the cutest doggo in the Midwest.