The Opening Verse: Psalm 146:1-10  


Matt Buckham co-founder of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF). Matt was Special Assistant to the President in the Presidential Personnel Office, and legislative aide to former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), and Senior Advisor to the House Freedom Caucus. Matt joins on Biden’s controversial ATF nominee: David Chipman and also nominee for Bureau of Land Management Tracy Stone Manning.

Cam Edwards, Editor of firearms expert and SiriusXM Patriot Guest Host! Cam will chat about his latest articles on gun rights. We will get Cam’s take on the Ladies of “The View” Claiming the Second Amendment Is Designed To Protect Slavery

Karen Straughan, is a critic of feminism and an advocate for men’s rights based in Edmonton Alberta Canada. A mother of three children, she’s best known for her infamous YouTube channel “girlwriteswhat.” She participates regularly on a group men’s issues podcast known as Honey Badger Radio, and has given presentations on feminism, men and masculinity across North America. Karen will discuss Leyna Bloom: the first trans woman of color to appear in an issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit back in March. Four months later, Bloom is the first trans woman to ever grace the cover of the magazine — an honor that she credits to women of marginalized communities that blazed the trail before her.


Good News Friday! California Appeals Court: Mandatory Transgender Pronouns Violate First Amendment

Democrats cut 4 BILLION from ICE budget that targets removing illegals 

School board meeting gets heated as parents demand mask policy be dropped

 Electric buses melting and catching fire in the summer heat?

Only white people are allowed to be mascots: Cleveland Indians have chosen new name after more than 100 years.

Mask mandate returns to St. Louis City and County Monday