Opening Verse: Psalm 139:1-12


Bruce LeVell Longtime President Donald J Trump Advisor and current Senior RNC Media Surrogate and Georgia businessman joins on the RNC’s MLB All-Star Game ad depicting the Democrats ‘stealing’ the game from Atlanta losing an estimated $100M business and tourism dollars because Stacy Abrams/Democrats played politics.

Mike Gonzalez, Senior Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy at Heritage Foundation will discuss the Cuban people standing up to demand liberty and an end to 62 years of communist oppression. Mike fled Cuba when he was twelve and will discuss Cuba’s long overdue demands for freedom. 

  • The Cuban people deserve our unwavering support. The Biden Administration should not offer assistance to Havana’s socialist leadership.
  • The socialist government’s mishandling of the pandemic seems to be a proximate leading cause of the uprising. The rate of deaths is increasing, even going by Cuba’s own statistics, which are never to be trusted.

This puts the lie to two leftist tropes in this country:

1) Totalitarian governments are better prepared to handle pandemics than Republics like the United States.

2) Cuba’s socialist government has a stellar health system…oft-repeated by socialist politicians in this country such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and members of ‘The Squad.’

Neither, obviously, is true. Socialism remains perfect only at failing everywhere. That is why the people of Cuba are protesting today.

Greg Ellis is a Hollywood veteran and Emmy-nominated actor, best known for his role as Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves in Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and Michael Amador in ‘24’ as well as voice-over work in over 100 video game titles.  His new book “The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law” delivers a gripping, unvarnished first-person account of family breakdown and the social, political, and legal forces fueling this national health emergency. It also exposes gender bias that presumes fathers are less effective caregivers.

  • Fighting against the hypocritical “cancel culture” and how Hollywood and it’s leftist elites continue to destroy lives, careers and reputations.
  • His personal experience with the family justice system, which disproportionately hurts the father.
  • The left’s lies about “toxic masculinity,” and why this narrative ultimately hinders and destroys young boys and men.
  • The crusade against men, coming from feminists who set their sights on destroying the “patriarchy” and overcoming “toxic masculinity.” 
  • Why is it that Hollywood marriages always seem to fall apart?

Ashley Varner is the VP of Communications and Federal affairs for Freedom Foundation joins on the  thousands of teachers vowing to defy state bans on critical race theory and here is a link to the Zinn Education Project. 


California K-12 students who refuse to mask up will be barred from school grounds, state says

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Schumer to meet with Texas Democrats on voting rights

Schumer calls for NRA to be investigated for bankruptcy fraud

Same old same old! New York Democrats accuse Chick-fil-A of discrimination, want to ban it from rest stops.