Opening Verse: Isaiah 59:16-21


Representative Kat Cammack from Florida’s 3rd District joins us on Infrastructure and the “Invest In America Act” coming over from the Senate. Potential for some confederate statues in the Capitol to be removed. VP Kamala Harris publicity stunt visit to the border Friday. Kat Cammack alongside Jim Jordan teamed up with Young America’s Foundation to launch Campus Free Speech Caucus to combat ‘indoctrination camps’.

Eddie Gallagher: Retired United States Navy SEAL. Gallagher joins the show to discuss his new tell all book that comes out tomorrow. The book is called “The Man in the Arena: From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom”.

Cindy Grosz, is a former teacher in Queens NYC, a former Congressional Candidate and Chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She currently hosts Cindy’s Celebrity Corner, a New York Based entertainment show.  Corruption, critical race theory, and anti-white and anti-Semitic racism aren’t new in New York public schools. She has been fighting it for years, blowing the whistle on racist language used by the principal at the schools where she worked, and exposing other corruption and bad deeds in New York’s schools. For years no one listened. Then she was terminated despite whistleblower protections.

Kelly Tshibaka (She-ba-ka) is running for Senate In Alaska against Lisa Murkowski. We will chat about her plans, Trump’s endorsement, the Biden Administration shutdown of Keystone XL and job creation to make up for the jobs lost from the pipeline? Ranked choice voting is a new voting option, brought by democrats.


UGH: Pelosi wants Confederate statues removed from Congress. What a waste of time!!

Republican wins: We have some Nationwide injunctions!! Trump-appointed judges obstruct Biden ‘pen and phone’ policies just months into term

AOC and Jamaal Bowman still want to defund police but Bowman requested additional police at his home this year

Headlines: The number of Black families choosing to homeschool is on the rise

NYPD hunting for Times Square shooter as officials announce new plan to flood area with more cops

Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry ‘pissed’ national anthem was playing at Olympic trials