Opening Verse: Isaiah 51:1-6


Glenn Roper, Pacific Legal Foundation attorney on how each farmer/rancher was denied assistance from Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act 2021. The law allows loan forgiveness of up to 120%, but only for minority farmers and ranchers, whom the law automatically treats as “socially disadvantaged,” regardless of their individual circumstances.  Race-based COVID-19 farm loan forgiveness denies equal treatment to farmers

Tim Murtaugh, Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and Contributor to The Daily Signal will discuss the latest on “For The People” legislation in the Senate, the latest unaccompanied minor numbers from the border, and election “reform” laws- Democrats have suddenly flipped on Voter ID. Previously they said it was racist voter suppression. Shameful: Migrant kids are desperate to leave the large shelters.

 Annie Aleman, Director of Strategic Communications and Development at the American Security Project joins us on the seizure of Iranian backed websites, Iran’s ballistic missile program, steps to prevent hacks like Solar Winds, and the importance of American Competitiveness for any type of infrastructure deal.

Jeff Gottesfeld, Author of “Twenty-One Steps” on his children’s book about those who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.