Opening Verse: Psalm 120:1-7 Proverbs 16:16-17


Corey DeAngelis is the National Director of Research at American Federation for Children and Executive Director at Educational Freedom Institute joins us to discuss School Choice.

Mike Howell, Heritage Senior Advisor for Government Relations and Former DHS Oversight Counsel on  former President Trump’s scheduled trip to the Texas Border tomorrow and the Heritage Foundation’s new website  “TheBidenBorderCrisis.Com” which highlights President Biden’s border failures so far.

Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of PAC supporting the recall of California Gov. Newsom. He is an author, speaker and former Chairman of the California GOP. His latest book is “The Divided Era: How We Got Here and the Keys to America’s Reconciliation.” Tom shares the latest on Newsom suing to get party preference on recall ballot and California banning state travel to Florida, 4 other states because of laws that discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community.

Carol Roth, author of the new book “The War on Small Business: How the Government Used the Pandemic to Crush the Backbone of America.”


Supreme Court denies bond hearings for illegal immigrants who return after being deported

Lawsuit: Biden Not Disclosing COVID Info on Illegals Released into U.S.

Maricopa County Scrapping Voting Machines Used In GOP Audit.

Inflation Nation: Home Prices Rise at Fastest Pace Ever

Poll: 57% Of Republicans Think The Pandemic Is Over — But Only 4% Of Democrats Agree

California Democrats Try To Change Recall Laws To Aid Gavin Newsom