Watch: Here’s What’s At Stake For Asian Americans In The Harvard Affirmative Action Case


Opening Verse: Psalm 103:13-22


Kelsey Bolar, Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Forum to discuss President Biden’s American Families Plan.

Mike Gonzalez, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation; Author of “The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics Is Dividing the Land of the Free” and Member of the 1776 Commission to talk about Monday’s meeting of the commission. 

Josh Mandel,  Former Ohio Treasurer and Current Candidate for US Senate on the vaccination lottery which happened today.

Clyde Prestowitz, Author of “The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and the Struggle for Global Leadershipwith the latest China news, including his opinion piece on Apple giving in to China and the Wuhan lab.