Opening Verse: Psalm 49:11-20


Marilyn Musgrave is the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Susan B. Anthony List. Marilyn describes how President Biden isn’t honoring his promise to try and unite America by signing the American Rescue Act without the Hyde Amendment.

 Lynne Patton, Former Regional Administrator for Housing and Urban Development during the Trump Administration. Lynne and I catch up on Girl Chat and News Of The Day.

 Lance Morrow, Author of “God and Mammon” joins the program to talk about his book! 


How about some “rules” to live by? Andrew Kloster has some ideas for us all.

Do not comply. NYC Private School Directs Kids To Stop Using Bad Words Like Mom And Dad. They’re Teaching Kids Woke Culture Instead Of English

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to launch social media site described as cross between YouTube and Twitter

Rubio: If Amazon insists on fighting conservatives, we will support their enemy: the Unions. 

Antifa sets fire at federal courthouse in Portland with people inside

Minneapolis to pay $27M to settle George Floyd family lawsuit

Chi-na is attempting to overtake the US military while we are weak under Democrat rule. Let’s not allow this to happen. Pacific commander calls for urgent funding to contain China as the CCP asserts dominance in cyberwarfare and the US Territory of Guam.