The election fraud was actually caught on security footage!! For anyone that is glossing over the fraud by saying that it wasn’t enough to impact the election, just how much fraud are you willing to permit in your bank accounts, your investment accounts, even business transactions? The answer is NONE. Accordingly, we should not countenance any fraud in our elections. Stop The Steal!


At 11 p.m., once everyone is gone, the workers are seen “pulling ballots out from underneath a table.” She asked if it’s normal to “store suitcases of ballots under a table cloth?” Pick said after reviewing footage that it’s not a normal procedure.

It’s not clear if election workers knew they were being recorded on camera.

The lawyer further alleged that the same woman with the blonde hair and braids, presumably the manager, had placed the table there earlier. It’s not clear where those ballots came from, and it’s not clear when the purported suitcases of thousands of ballots were placed under the table. Whether they’re suitcases or a special carrier for ballots is also not clear.

Witnesses have sworn in affidavits that the counting continued until the early morning hours, Trump’s team said.