State Senator District 15-Andrew Koenig
**As a state representative Andrew Koenig has proven his unwaivering dedication to the unborn and faith. He has also stood strong against taxes and financial accountability.

State Representative District 94-Cloria Brown
**Democrat Vicky England has proven to be very liberal. She is pro-choice and an advocate for the LGBTQ.
**I disagree with Cloria Brown about 60% of the time on issues. She stood firmly against religious liberty. The only saving grace with this candidate choice is that she seems to do only whatever leadership wants. Conservative issues will be moved forwarded about 40% of the time and she will be doing their bidding.

State Representative District 96-David Gregory
**David Gregory has stated that he will stand for our freedom of religion and the unborn.

St. Louis County Council-6th District-Ernie Trakas
**Ernie Trakas will stand in the gap for overstepping bounds of local government toward our religious liberties.

Amendment 1-Park Tax-NO
**This continuation of a current tax for the parks should not be continued. We are being taxed enough already . With the new Arch Tax that also goes to the parks they are receiving too much money and very little accountability for the dollars spent.

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Amendment 2-Campaign Contributions-NO
**Someone I consider a friend put forth this initiative petition with the best of intentions. However, I believe that this is a violation of our First Amendment Rights and Freedom of Speech. I also know that this will never stop the billionaires and millionaires that we are trying to defeat. As a matter of fact, I know for certain that they will not even be deterred by this and one locally has talked about setting up 3 Super Pacs if this passes. What this does to the little guy is horrible! We cannot set up all these Super Pacs. It is hard enough for the little guy to try to compete in the election cycle.

Amendment 3-Cigarette Tax-NO
**This unfairly taxes a segment of people. It also was put forward by some cigarette companies to punish other cigarette companies. It is supposed to go to Early Childhood but can go to fund abortions.

Amendment 4-Service Tax-YES
**This prohibits a NEW use tax on services. Example: When you get your car worked on the parts are taxed but not the labor. The labor could be taxed in the future. Opponents argue that this would harm getting rid of the State Income Tax. I don’t see any momentum toward eliminating the income tax. Using a taxing argument to eliminate a tax doesn’t seem logical. However, I believe that there is merit in voting no because we are embedding this in our State Constitution.