Black Lives only Matter when the killer is white.  Or at least that’s what recent events have shown us….In Ferguson Missouri a nine-year-old black girl named Jamyla Brown lay on her bed doing homework with her mother nearby, when shots rang out killing Jamyla and wounding her mother in the leg. The Black Lives Matter movement was too busy protesting the police involved shooting of a repeat offender to notice. The details on the myopic nature of the BLM movement’s dereliction are stunning.

Jamyla Bolden was murdered the same week that armed criminal Mansur Ball-Bey, an 18 year old man with extensive criminal history was shot in the back after shooting at police as the served a search warrant on his home. The police found four guns and crack cocaine in the home and the effects of numerous robberies. BLM protesters set a car and vacant building on fire and protested violently for the dead criminal. There has been no mention of the slain nine-year-old.

During the same week a 93-year-old Tuskegee airman, a war veteran who valiantly serve this country, drove through Ferguson and got lost. He pulled over to ask two young men for help with directions in finding his daughters house. They robbed him.

Shaken, the veteran unsuccessfully pursued the robbers in his vehicle. He pulled over again to ask for help again. The two young men he asked for assistance carjacked him. The BLM movement did not protest for him either.

If BLM really wanted true change; if they really wanted a movement that included the support of the majority of Americans, they would cease protesting the police involved killings of individuals who are committing crimes. BLM would instead start protesting the inordinate loss of life in black communities: grandmothers shot on porches, toddlers shot in their front yards, little girls shot on their beds while they do homework. All of them black, all of their lives mattering, just not to the so called protest movement.

We’ve been inundated with scenes from Black Lives Matter protesters across the country standing up and demanding that the rest of America pay attention to the plight of inner-city black men being shot by police officers. This focus is changing the way Americans interact with each other. The level of mistrust is increasing along with the number of black men who are engaging in shooting rampages citing race as the impetus for their killing sprees. In the latest incident in Roanoke Virginia, the shooter cites racism and the desire for a race war as his reason for killing two innocent coworkers.

Is anything good coming out of these protests?  It doesn’t look like it National Review on an increase in violent crime:

Gun violence is up 60 percent in Baltimore so far this year compared to 2014. Homicides are up 180 percent in Milwaukee, 25 percent in St. Louis, 32 percent in Atlanta and 13 percent in New York in the same period. 

The rising sense of division, rancor and anger that BLM is provoking in America must be stopped. The lives of innocent Americans depend upon it.