It has come to my attention that some people think that because I’m advocating for personal responsibility, self-control and respecting law-enforcement officers that I’ve never experienced racism.

Folks are accusing me of never being pulled over for driving while black, of never being asked why I’m in a certain neighborhood, of never having a police officer demean me in front of my children – NOT TRUE!

I just have a totally different response: I don’t attack police officers. There are rude donkeys in every profession. Just because I’ve encountered a few more than I deserve in my lifetime doesn’t mean I won’t DIAL 911 in an emergency. Respect the badge.

Get over yourselves. You do realize that mean people whose lives suck are gonna hate right? What should you do? Let it ruin your whole life or pay that ticket and get on about about your business? I choose the latter.

File a complaint if you have a grievance. Hands Up Don’t Shoot is a myth that was disproven by a mountain of evidence extensively reviewed by a grand jury. The real conversation should start at reducing the outsized level of crime in our community.

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It’s time to move on.