Seriously. I’ve covered this here before. We should cut off our cable, dish, etc. until they allow us to buy channels ala carte. This would mean that content providers would be held accountable to their true customers.

Imagine that! We wouldn’t be forced to subsidize MTV, LOGOS, MSNBC… If you wanted 10 channels, or 600 YOU would decide.

Of course the Liberals would hate this… But I’m so over the tiresome chorus telling us: “It would be SO hard to get new channels and stuff!”

It very well might! It would also be terribly difficult to get awful shows approved because the advertisers and TV buyers would be lithe to put on a show that would wreck a line up and cause a mass exodus from a channel.

This idea isn’t new, many pro family groups have suggested it to no avail. I mean, why would we ever want to clean up TV programming? That would benefit families and kids especially, so no never that.

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