In the Stacy on the Right Show 2013 Year End Review we named the following videos top three Pronouncements in Idiocy.

#3 – Inconvenient Truth: Striking fast food workers want more money for less work

Listen closely as the reporter finally gets to the bottom of what is driving people that flip burgers for a living to ask for $15 an hour.  Hint: it isn’t because they want a living wage.

Fast food and retail work, aren’t career choices, they are stepping stones.  Those jobs are for teens, and young adults working their way through school, or supplemental income opportunities.

#2 – Melissa Harris Perry: Your Kids Don’t Belong To You. They Belong to Communities

She fails to grasp the full measure of her statement.  If children don’t belong to parents, and are instead owned by communities, they are property not people.

#1 – Melissa Harris Perry’s Infanticide Cheer – Life begins whenever you say it does

Clearly this woman needs the help of a psychotherapist.  Her depravity knows no bounds.