On Sean Hannity last night Deneen Borelli and Minister Jaques Degraff discussed the Paula Deen controversy.  Degraff suggested that in one of the apology videos by Deen she “appeared sincere”.   He suggested that “repentance is an act.”  Yet when asked why Al Sharpton isn’t subjected to the same castigation as Deen, he deflected, by calling the comparison “a distraction”.  Really?

What?  The bigger question here is what type of qualifications are necessary to become a minister?  Why doesn’t this minister Jaques Degraff castigate Al Sharpton for the same behavior?  Notice that both Sharpton and Degraff  are apologists for the Democratic Party excusing bad behavior on the part of other apologists with the title “minister” or “reverend” in front of their name.


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