First Hour:

Second Hour:

Here’s what we hit on the May 4th Saturday show:

  1. Open, welcome, intro, Tony is out and will join us next segment to update us on what he’s up to tonight in Cincinnati. Advancing Liberty Through New Media and what that looks like and how the listeners can participate in that endeavor.
  2. Tony Katz joins us live from Cincinnati, we’ll talk DIPG Cooperative and The Cure Starts Now
  3. Religious Proseletizing not permitted in Armed Forces? (Todd Starnes- Fox News)
  4. Chris Matthews: “Mostly white guy who is gun obsessed.” (
  5. Take some calls and talk the 7 Structural Problems That Are Destroying America (
  6. Poll Shows 55% of respondents unaware that Planned Parenthood performs abortions (Life News)
  7. Lila Rose stings PP again on (video clips)
  8. Last Segment: Questions and Answers