Google Alerts notified me of an interesting piece covering blacks in the Republican party by Madam Noire.

African Americans In The GOP, Both Behind The Scenes And Out Front

Via Madame Noir:

An Emmy-nominated TV personality, Stacy Washington is the woman behind the blog Stacy On The Right and Black Conservative Political Action, a Facebook group with nearly 10,000 members. Among her other activities, she’s also a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research. A former weapons system analyst with the Air Force, she’s the daughter of an Army police officer and budget analyst and has lived all over the world.
Writing last week about Equal Pay Day (remember, it’s today!), she called it a “made up holiday predicated on the idea that women all suffer wage discrimination… A total mischaracterization of the opportunities that women face in the economy.”
“WE ARE NOT ALL VICTIMS!” she closed (all caps, hers).