Good Morning folks. I’m using the term loosely as I’ve just spent hours off and on last night arguing with pin heads about the Proposition 8 case that is up before the Supreme Court. Seriously. Right off the bat, gays and their supporters like to equate sexual behavior with innate characteristics. Ask any black person and they are quick to tell you that being gay is nothing like being black. I should know, since HELLO! I’m black. I cannot change being black. Can’t decide one morning if it suits me to just stop being black. Yet that is exactly what gays have been doing for decades. One minute they are a total lesbian, the next they’re married to a man and loving it.

Forgive me if I just don’t want to hear that crap anymore. Additionally, it’s not tolerant to call me a bigot for disagreeing on the homosexual marriage issue. If I’m supposed to tolerate your penchant for forcing your views on America, you should at the very least acknowledge that I have a right to my views as well. Or is that the point? I don’t have a right to my views because if I have a right to oppose gays – then they can’t have total domination; which is why we are embroiled in this fight.

Listening to the oral arguments and the questions from the Supreme Court justices to counsel, I was happy to hear a serious and respectful tone in full consideration of the bungling that burdened our nation with Roe v. Wade. If the conservative justices bungle this one, there will be a serious backlash. And children will suffer, not because America will end, but because the very definition of what a marriage is will be obliterated. The justices seem cognizant of this.

At one point, it was shared that 44,000 children live with same-sex couples in California. Really? That’s our chief consideration? The gays are playing the child card? Whenever it seems they just cant sink any lower, the homosexual lobby shows just how flexible, flexible is. The true measure of who we are as a nation is not measured by how quickly we bend to the will of a very vocal narcissistic minority. No, that measure is found in how we temper freedom of choice with the delicate balance of societal norms and mores. There are some issues that we simply cannot compromise on. Codifying deviant sexual behavior into the Constitution is one highly incendiary example.

So, I’m done ranting about this right here, right now. But it’s going to come up again, and my views will not change. I truly wish the very best for any American struggling with sexual sin. The very best thing that I can do for you, that we can all do for all 3-6% of you, is to refuse to condone your behavior.

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