Tune in tonight at 8 pm CST to view a Fox News Special hosted by Sean Hannity on the Middle East and the implications of President Barack Obama’s historic visit.

Here are my prep notes:

(I noted these facts researching and watching coverage of the president’s trip. I wasn’t sure how much time I would have with four segments and a panel of 15 experts. So I prepared for a ton of time and went in expecting one question.)

When you watch tonight, check and see how well prepared I was!

Many experts on the region are wondering why now? After tenaciously avoiding a visit to Israel for the entirety of his first term (Obama visited Israel as a candidate in 2008) the president is meeting with Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres.

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Polling shows only 10% of Israelis view President Obama favorably.

In remarks on Thursday, the Ayatollah Khomeni called Israel “too small” to worry about and called out the United States as the enemy of Iran.

The President’s desire to make America more popular abroad is the source of his weak stance on Iran and terrorism abroad.

The use of the Drone Program instead of a more vigilant strategy of capture and detain is also a source of consternation in countries where America previously enjoyed strong ties and a more open flow of communication. More weakness.

Could this new focus be a response to tanking poll numbers in the U.S. on the Sequester and soaring deficits? An attempt to distract?

Palestinian demands in any negotiation show a rather shocking inability to grasp the reality of the situation in Israel.

Interesting how Palestinians want to cross into Israel and work, to take advantage of the good economic prospects, while simultaneously condoning Hamas rocket attacks on the very place they desire to work.

Of note is the rise in applications for Israeli citizenship from Palestinians dwelling in East Jerusalem. A recent poll shows that fully 40% of Palestinian East Jerusalem residents would prefer to reside in Israel instead of any newly created Palestinian state.

This is my first time on the Hannity Show, and on Fox News. I hope that I acquitted myself well.