Yes, this old busted up guy is actually a sitting member of Congress.  And no the video wasn’t slowed down, that is the speed at which he talks.  Stop banging your head on the table and mouth the words illegal alien.  Once your mouth is primed and properly stretched, go ahead and vocalize it.  There.  That’s better.  As long as there are definitions for words, Liberals will try to prevent folks from using words properly.  It’s our duty to stop them.  The term for someone that enters a country without that country’s permission, without attending to that country’s immigration process, even if that means they have to wait for years, is illegal alien.

Just to recap: being here without our government’s permission is stealing.  Resources, education, jobs, opportunity, and taxpayer dollars are consumed by over 12 million people that are here in this country without our permission.  This isn’t about the country that the people come from, or if they are of color or not.  This is about lawbreaking and double standards.

It sounds mean to say that these people should go back to their native land, but it isn’t.  If you think that sounds mean, I’d love to hear what you think when you see me all moved in and cozy at your house tomorrow after work.  Once I move in, I’m staying.  You can’t call me an illegal house sitter either.  Or can you?  Oh, I guess you’ll call me what ever you wish?  Hmmmn.

Well then, I’ll call those jackwagon’s whatever I want.