Gun control nuts in the UK have succeeded in turning law abiding citizens defending themselves within the confines of their own homes into criminals.  In the UK, if you keep a baseball bat by the bed (since the pansy government there has confiscated most handguns unless they are registered for sport usage) to defend yourself against the ever increasing numbers  of carousing burglars and rapists, you could be charged with premeditation for using it.  That’s right, if you plan to defend yourself from burglars in England, and then proceed to do so, that planning can land you in jail.

“And although many people tell me they sleep with a baseball bat beside their bed for just such an occasion, a court can view that as an element of premeditation. If the burglar is hurt, it could be you who ends up in the dock.”

This quote is from an interview in the Telegraph of reformed burglar turned security professional Michael Fraser, who recommends keeping the burglars out instead of trying to defend yourself.  He has a point.  A couple in Leicestershire learned the hard way that defending yourself isn’t rewarded by the courts.

The case of Tracey and Andy Ferrie has added to concern. The Leicestershire couple were recently arrested after two men broke in and found themselves on the wrong end of Mr Ferrie’s (legal) shotgun. They were released after 66 hours in custody, and exonerated in court. But since then, they are reported to have left Britain to start afresh in Australia, not least because of possible reprisals.

Essentially, this is what liberals are hoping to achieve here in the U.S.  By starting with a ban on assault weapons (which is a total misnomer) and progressing toward bans on semi automatic handguns.  Since banning guns over a year ago, crime is up in England:

Burglaries are up from 651,000 in 2009/10 to 701,000 in 2011/12. Now the Metropolitan Police has launched an Autumn Nights awareness campaign, alerting people to the increased risk of burglary in the run-up to Christmas.

Chuck Woolery has an effective take down on the liberal gun control meme here.  (Watch and share)

Even though empirical evidence proves that gun bans, and gun free zones encourage criminal behaviors; liberal nut job Diane Feinstein has proposed exactly that.  Of course that applies to the unwashed masses.  She is perfectly content to own firearms and have armed security to protect her.

Let’s keep it real here folks.  We need the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves against criminals, AND against tyranny.  Banning law abiding citizens from firearm ownership is nonsensical and simply encourages more crime.