This is my response to a commenter that was too long to post in the comments. By the way, assault weapons are already illegal in this country. So the weapons that the Democrats have in their sights are handguns. THAT’S the point though isn’t it?


I have answered your question. Since you missed it, here it is again: I don’t think that law abiding citizens should have their rights infringed upon because of the actions of the criminally insane.

Since you seem so hell bent on continually engaging me on this, even though we clearly disagree and I HAVE answered your ridiculous, continual, childish, repetitive questions: how do you plan to disarm the criminals?

How can your plan to decimate the 2nd Amendment by frittering it away over time through unconstitutional restrictions help to 1. Disarm criminals and 2. Prevent anyone who intends to harm large groups of people from simply acquiring another means of doing so?

You seem unable to grasp the simple truth that evil is here to stay. Simply sitting home with your blankie in your safe place won’t prevent criminals from seeking ways to harm people.

The answer to Newtown was an armed trained staff member or Law Enforcement official stationed in that building. His mother should have had her firearms locked away. And since Mrs. Lanza knew that Adam was mentally unstable, she should have stored them away from the home and he never should have been taught to use them.

The answer to the Theater Shooting is that there is never a “gun free zone” for cowards to have a free shooting spree in. (Gun Free Zone = target range in the mind of the criminally insane.) The answer is MORE guns.

You fail to realize that there will never be a day in this country where EVERY gun will be confiscated. Criminals don’t abide by our laws now, neither do the insane. Assault weapons (automatic weapons that fire by simply holding down the trigger are already illegal in the US.) Of course the military has them.

Hey, if you know something new, an effective method for confiscating weapons from criminals hell bent on keeping them, please pipe up!

Wespj, work on disarming criminals. I know that you won’t, because that’s actually really difficult work that many men far braver and more intelligent than yourself have worked tirelessly for many years to accomplish, yet they have failed.

The illegal gun trade continues on unabated, even flourishes. It’s easier for a criminal to get a gun, than it is for a law abiding citizen who is afraid for her own life to!

Because the answer is MORE. More well trained, tactically proficient, knowledgeable, courageous citizens, carrying firearms according to and completely within their Constitutionally provided rights.

Gun bans are unconstitutional and they don’t work, that’s why I’m against them.