I am so bummed.  Last night we were given definitive proof that an enormous swath of our nation exists solely to feed on the government teat.  This is disturbing, but altogether expected in light of the educational system that teaches/indoctrinates our children.

But the future!!!

It took longer than 4 years to get here and as of last night we are playing the long game to fight our way back.  Now.  Prepare to hear your pep talk:

All politics are local.  Run for something.  Don’t tell me you’re tired.  Cut off the cable and take the reigns…  Look at the local issues in Missouri last night.  A tax increase on tobacco sales failed handily while new taxes for the Library, and Special School district passed without any thought to the spending!!  So counteract that by running for local office.  Stop whining and put your time where your mouth is.  Be the muscle that powers the ax.  If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT.  You must.

These taxing authorities should have been made to justify their spending before they were given more of our tax dollars.  But who among us thought to ask about that?  Apparently no one: all that we needed to hear was that it was for the kids.  Let’s change that mindset by educating our friends and neighbors about the importance of justifying new spending.  These are small things but they are where the battle is ultimately won.

To the Liberals: I’m under your skin.  My email proves that.  You are so all over the place, wasting your time attacking me.  You cannot stand that I refuse to be defined by my reproductive organs!  I have groups of Liberals on YouTube; sometimes lobbying me, other times vilifying me all with an eye towards dragging me back onto the Liberal Plantation.  Others drop by on Twitter to call me names and demoralize me.  That doesn’t work either, because I feed on your attacks.  So.  Keep it coming.

Just know that it will not work.  I’ll only go harder now.  To my friends: I suggest that you do the same.