Candy Crowley - Caricature
Candy Crowley – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I’ve already excoriated Candy Crowley, in fact I refuse to ever watch her on tv again.  Any so called journalist that shuns her duties and journalistic integrity in favor of providing cover to an inept debater such as Obama deserves no attendance from me.

Furthermore, I’ll take every opportunity to castigate her, and further prove her absolute incompetence at her chose field.  Some days my job will be made easier by the work of others.  Today is one such day.  Crossroads GPS, is as always dead on in provided irrefutable evidence of Crowley and Obama’s malice aforethought in lying to the American public at the debate on Tuesday night in an effort to erase the true story on their bungled response to the attacks on our Embassies abroad.

Two questions remain: How was it that Crowley just happened to have the proof that supported the President’s assertions handy to back him up as debate moderator?  Was President Obama lying when he and Candy Crowley tag teamed Governor Romney during the debate on the subject of the cause of the attacks in Libya?  Watch the video to find out…

via American Crossroads: “Act of Terror” – YouTube.