The theme for this weeks Democrat National Convention is: “The Government is the Only Thing We All Belong To”.  This pathetic statement is the reason that the DNC has been downsized this year and is poorly attended.  People that actually believe that the government is the only thing that holds this country together are the least likely to spend money to travel to Charlotte to hear more about that sad fact.

What we won’t be hearing is any discussion on adult topics like passing a budget for the Federal government, cutting spending or trimming programs, or creating jobs.  They did however see fit to say this:

Now, never mind the fact that the convention is being held at the Bank of America stadium, the Democrats have temporarily renamed it the Panther Stadium.  Why?  Because Bank of America is evil…  to Democrats.  The rest of America is noting the fact that this week our national debt topped $16 Trillion.  That’s right fellow Americans – Barack Obama is presiding over the largest increase in our national debt EVER, while simultaneously holding the record for not having ever passed a budget as president.  Let the good times roll, eh?

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