This individual refuses to accept the facts on this issue, and know this: the numbers are the only things that matter here.  Let me take down this Obama surrogate point by point.

  • Gingrich – “Obama is the Food Stamp President?” Yes.  Almost 1 in 6 Americans are now poor – highest ratio in 30 years.  The total number of poor is 49.1 million, is the largest on record. (Census)
  • Romney – “If you want free stuff, vote for Obama.” The government is hosting Food Stamp Parties and running advertisements encouraging Americans to sign up for benefits.
  • Trump – “Racist birther accusations” The accusations about the President’s birth certificate have been denounced by GOP Party Leadership. But the President could have quelled those rumors his first day in office by releasing all of his college transcripts, along with his Law Review records, financial aid documents and passport applications.  That would have sufficed.
  • False Welfare Ad – The assertion that the President gutted the  work provisions from the Clinton Era Welfare reform act is true.
  • West – “Obama wants to make everyone his slave.”  This is Alan Wests opinion and he is welcome to it.
  • No leader in the Republican party has denounced birther rhetoric:  False: Mitt has stated  that he believes President Obama is an American citizen.


via MSNBC: Romney, Trump, Gingrich and Alan West ‘downright racially insensitive’ – YouTube