Women’s religious freedom.  Is that an oxymoron? Is there such a thing?  There is if you are Pro Life and practice a faith that eschews contraception.  This idea of women being Pro Life, pro natural contraception, pro traditional family should never be seen as different or out of the mainstream. But leftists would like Americans to think it is.

There is a push to redefine pro woman policy as: pro abortion, pro government provided contraception, pro nationalized health, anti man.  This must be stopped.

We have a responsibility as a nation to respect men and women equally, while honoring the very different roles that each may play in our vibrantly varied society.  Stay at home dads, and working moms and vice versa and everything in between.

This also means that our Constitutionally guaranteed right to freely exercise our religious beliefs without government sponsored or sanctioned coercion must be honored and protected as well.

I stumbled across a website today with a petition that is important to share far and wide.  It’s called Women Speak for Themselves.  There is a petition there to join in support of the Catholic Americans under attack from the Obama Administration.  It’s important to note that any person that feels it’s okay to force Catholic Institutions to provide contraception and abortifacients should be wary since the government will eventually find a way to violate that persons rights as well.  That is how uncontrolled unrestrained government works.

Please join me in signing the petition and sharing it through your networks.  Stand for the right of every woman to define her freedoms under our laws,  because the last time I checked; there is no right to contraception and abortifacients in the Constitution.