In the video below, Anderson Cooper has the Debbie on his show to discuss a fundraising email that the DNC sent out asserting that the abortion plank in the Republican Party Platform was written by Romney and is extreme.  The email then exhorts the reader to give money to preserve a woman’s right to choose.  The only problem is that the email takes a quote from the Wall Street Journal, lifts half of one sentence thereby removing it’s context and inserts it into another sentence making it a lie.  Debbie never denies that the lying occurs; she simply justifies it by excusing it.   Repeatedly.

It’s taken the lapdog media a full three plus years to find the stones to stand up to and refute blatant lies by the Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Maybe Anderson went to a Fox bootcamp. Whatever happened, than God it happened and may it continue forevermore.  Enjoy this:

H/T BRUTAL: Anderson Cooper obliterates DNC Chair over her lies about Romney’s stance on abortion » The Right Scoop –.