Romney did a fabulous job addressing a potentially hostile audience with candor and aplomb. The left has accused Romney of using certain words as a racist dog whistle, only attending to whip up racist sentiment in the Tea Party, and of course that he’s a huge racist for even going to speak there. 

Here is the response from the NAACP to their membership nationwide via email, after Governor Romney spoke at the Convention:


Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican candidate for President, spoke at our Convention in Houston this morning. 

He praised the NAACP and acknowledged the importance of our leadership today. He recognized that “many barriers remain, old inequities persist [and] in some ways the challenges are even more complicated than before.” 

The NAACP’s fight for fairness, equality, and social justice is nonpartisan, and the election this November will have a big impact on our ongoing fight for civil rights all over America. 

So, no matter your political persuasion, make sure you take a moment to visit our “This is My Vote” page and register to vote today:

In his speech, Governor Romney reflected on the NAACP achievements that have led us to today and said, “so many victories are ahead, and with each one of them, we will be a better nation.” 

He’s right, and by heading to the ballot box in November, we will make our voices heard in the face of opposition so intent on silencing us. We will take the first step towards achieving these victories. 

Stand up and be heard in November. Register to vote in the upcoming election or share this page with an unregistered friend before it’s too late:

Thank you, and stay tuned tomorrow for an update from Houston, when we’re joined by Vice President Joe Biden. 

Leon W. Russell 

I guess the Tea Party can keep on waiting for President Obama to stop on by for a chat.

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