In yet another feat of imagination, we see Barack Obama spinning his failures into successes at the expense of reality.  I can already predict the correction ad that he’ll be running in a few days to undo the damage from conservatives mocking him on twitter and online social media for telling more tall tales.  Enter the Tall Tale of the Day: 

Obama: Under Me “People Have A New Attitude Toward America” And “More Confidence”


Of course, Americans would love to know that we have gained respect and are well thought of by other nations.  But this isn’t the case, and in other breaking news: JOBS.  

To hear President Obama wax poetic about our reputation rising while his jobs council has met only once this year; six months ago, is simply ghastly.  And spare me your shock at my “Faux Outrage”.  There’s nothing phony about people out of work wondering when the President is going to deliver on his numerous campaign promises of milk, honey, prosperity, hope and change.

When asked about the Jobs Council and it’s lack of productivity, Americans are presented with this:

via Politico:

When an out of work individual hears the Presidents comments, does he laugh, or cry?  How much do you care about America’s reputation when you are actively looking for work and cannot find any?  Not much…

And the very last thing that you wish to hear is that Mr. Hope and Change is simply too busy to meet with the council…  What has the president been up to?  Well let’s take a look at his schedule and find out.


So you got that right? He can’t meet because he’s busy campaigning… Thats great, just perfect really.