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Robyn Hamlin


Martin Baker

The GOP Primary Race for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District just got, uh, interesting.

Not too long after Tea Party poster child Martin Baker announced his candidacy, Libertarian Robyn Hamlin posted a survey on her Facebook profile asking others to chime in as to whether or not she should run in the race as well. Despite underwhelming support, Hamlin filed the paperwork to run a primary against Baker.

Not only is Hamlin a Libertarian, not a Republican, running on the GOP ticket, she also stated in her last run that she was “not registered as a Republican” but running on the ticket anyway.

Recently, Missouri’s League of Women Voters offered to sponsor a Primary Debate between the two candidates for MOCD1. Baker immediately accepted the challenge, and invited Hamlin, via certified mail, to do the same, and requested a response within 10 days time. Hamlin did not respond to the invitation.

Baker, again, contacted Hamlin, seeking a response to which Hamlin not only stated that Baker would need thousands of dollars to promote the event, but that the money would be better spent by Baker dealing with his child support legal matters.

When Baker was questioned about legal issues regarding child support for his children, it was revealed that these legal matters were initiated by Baker himself to assure his children were properly financially cared for, and that it was properly noted by the court.

“That is just sad.” Baker’s ex-wife Channel stated in response to Hamlin’s allegations that Baker was somehow defaulting on child support payments for his children. “Nope! I receive full support for our children every month. He is a very responsible father. I would be more than happy to go on the record if I had to about this. You can call me at any time.” She added that she fully supports her ex-husband in his Congressional bid.

Since when do we penalize fathers for doing right by their children? I guess the answer to that is when we allow the lines of truth and reality to be blurred…so let’s clarify: Baker is not a Dead-Beat-Dad, but a responsible father who loves and properly supports his children; Hamlin is not a Republican running as a Republican, but a Libertarian running on a Republican ticket…because she’s to chicken to run as the third-party candidate she is (as far too many of them do), Baker is up to any task at any time to prove his worthiness of this Congressional seat…Robin is still “not sure if [she] will be available”…for any date, any time, for anything.

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