Digital Activism Panel: How your Mobile Phone is Changing the Face of Grassroots



Get out of the blog post mindset! Activism is twitter! It’s video! It isn’t just blogging!


Nuts and bolts:
  1. Anyone with an iPad, iPhone whatever, rigorously test the apps.  Do it quarterly. The apps change and get updated…  Glitches and interfaces should be watched for on a regular basis.
  2. Focus on one or two things
  3. Don’t expect to get paid
  4. If you are just starting out, no one will be watching or reading what you do!  It takes time to build a following
  5. Use your phone and get busy
  6. You will piss people off, toughen up and expect it.
  7. Get serious about your equipment and make sure that it’s ready.
  8. Build your social media presence.
  9. Relentlessly self promote!!
  10. The three things matter most: Content, Content, Content


Another righteously awesome panel.