Kristi is a teacher who dared to support Governor Walker and his common sense job saving reforms. Her reward for exercising her right to free speech and association? Having her children’s school published, her husbands work place published and a slew of hate mail.  This is significant because the perpetrators are other teachers.  Liberals that preach tolerance and demand acceptance for every form of deviance known to man.  


Woe to you if you are a Republican and support Governor Walker! Because you cannot be a teacher if you do.  

Is this really the way that we want teachers to feel?  Intimidated and afraid to speak their own minds?  Imagine if she was being treated this way because she was black or gay?  Ellen Degeneres would name a campaign after her and have her on the show.  Millions would mobilize in support of her right to be what ever she wanted without judgment being passed upon her for said views.

This is a travesty of monstrous proportions that should have each of us in a state of fear.  If she can be bullied and threatened by her union for simply supporting a Republican, no one is safe.  


This School Board member comes out against WEAC as well.  It’s a matter of choice, which apparently ALL Democrats are in favor of. 

In this video, a teacher explains how public employee unions work.